Swell Candle Co

Candle Refill Program


Reduce — Reuse — Refill

In our ongoing efforts to support sustainability and actively reduce waste, Swell has created a candle refill program. Simply choose any scent from any of our Collections for your refill. You can even pick a new scent each time!

Who can get a refill?

Existing customers who have purchased a candle from any of our Collections are eligible for the refill program. This is specifically for our signature 12-ounce tumbler vessel.

What is the cost?

Refill Cost: $17 per candle + shipping 

How it works?

When you place your refill order and checkout, you will pay the shipping cost for the delivery of the new candle (unless the order meets the free shipping minimum requirement). We will then send you an email with a packing slip and a prepaid shipping label to return your vessel to us (at our cost). 

How long will it take to refill?

Once we receive your package, we will process your new order within 1-3 business days. 

IMPORTANT:  As a courtesy, we ask that candle vessels be cleaned out prior to returning them to us. Please see our blog post on how to clean out your candle vessel. We appreciate your cooperation!