25 Simple Ways to Help the Planet

25 Simple Ways to Help the Planet

Happy Earth Day! 🌎🌿🌼 

While our earth should be celebrated every day, Earth Day is a great time to reflect on how we can do better - from swapping out products for eco-friendly versions, to small changes in your everyday routine. People around the world are taking action to restore the Earth and take a stand against climate change.

As stewards of this planet, we have an environmental responsibility. With committing to conscious choices and educating ourselves and the loved ones around us, it’s a step closer to lessening our footprint and to a sustainable future. The smallest of changes can make a difference.

Here are 25 simple steps you can take to lead a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle:

  1. Plant a tree
  2. Plant a vegetable, herb or flower garden
  3. Participate in a local clean up
  4. Go meatless for one day a week
  5. Refill: kick the bottled water habit
  6. Recycle: think before you trash it
  7. Skip the straw
  8. Reduce the load: power down and unplug
  9. Donate food locally
  10. Remember to bring your own reusable bag
  11. Flip the switch and save: lights and equipment
  12. Buy local and sustainable
  13. Detox the mailbox and stop junk mail
  14. Carpool and save fuel
  15. Park the car: walk or ride a bike
  16. Give back and volunteer in the community
  17. Select save instead of print
  18. Print double-sided
  19. Save one drop at a time: fix leaking faucets
  20. Get outdoors and connect with the natural world
  21. Choose a reusable coffee cup
  22. Take the food waste challenge and reduce waste
  23. Read the label: eat for health and nutrition
  24. Power up using alternative fuels
  25. Donate money to a local green organization

Below are links to a few educational resources that celebrate Mother Earth today and every day.

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